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#2: National Holographic

#2: National Holographic

We love to know and understand the dangers and beauties of our planet — so much so that we travel to the deepest depths, the harshest climates, or the highest peaks in order to capture sights that our day to day lives normally aren’t privy to.

What if you could view those sights without leaving your home?

“Aurora Borealis 3D” by Ikuo Nakamura on the Looking Glass App Library

Ikuo Nakamura shot 3D footage of theAurora Borealis in Yellowknife, Canada in -40 degree celsius conditions for you and I to view from the comfort of our own Looking Glass. I don’t discourage you from donning your own arctic gear and traveling north to view the Aurora in person. I just also don’t believe the magic of earth’s geomagnetic poles has been done justice by any photo or video until now.

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*this is part of our “100 Days of Holograms” series, where Missy Senteio and Shawn Frayne of Looking Glass Factory post one new wonderful or weird (or both!) use for the Looking Glass holographic display each day.

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